How to deliver effective presentations and pitches – Reading, Berkshire

Would you like to improve your presenting and pitching skills with tips and techniques from an actor and director? We provide a safe space where you can learn and grow.

In this workshop you will:

  • Receive constructive feed back on your presentation
  • Receive expert guidance to significantly improve your presentation skills
  • Learn how to deliver more persuasive and effective presentations
  • Reduce stress during your presentations
  • Begin to enjoy making presentations (optional!)

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Steve Macaulay (far left) with Goldie, Chucky Venn and Clint Dyer

Steve Macaulay, of 2 Heavy Productions, has been in numerous plays over several years and recently directed Goldie at Stratford East in Kingston 14 by Roy Williams. He will be sharing his expertise and giving you feedback and guidance on your pitch so that you can be more effective.

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Join us for tips and techniques you can implement immediately. Come to the workshop and increase your confidence in pitching and presentations so that you are better prepared for your next opportunity.

And here we are after a stimulating session


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