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Windrush Day 2020

Monday 22nd June marks 72 years since The Empire Windrush arrived at Tillbury Docks carrying Jamaicans/British Citizens to England. People were invited to come and help rebuild England after World War II. In the decades following people would come from all of the different Caribbean islands and settle all over the U.K. Since then we’ve […]

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Billionaires donating to pandemic relief

Several billionaires donate large amounts to help reduce the impact of the coronavirus. These include donations to key workers, victims of the virus and the various infrastructures that support recovery. The donors listed in this Forbes article include Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Jack Dorsey, George Soros, Jeff Bezos and Bill & Melinda Gates amongst others. For […]

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What are the links between BAME people and increased incidence of covid -19?

More than 70 leading figures – from arts to faith leaders – have called for an independent public inquiry into the disproportionate number of Black and minority ethnic British people dying from COVID-19. This need for openness would help to maintain public confidence and potentially save lives. Read more in The Voice Newspaper online  

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Kizzmekia Corbett, from maths whizz kid to groundbreaking scientist

Corbett is an African American scientist, graduate of many universities including the University of Maryland. She has been on various gifted and genius programs and has experience researching pandemics and the coronavirus. She is now leading the search for a vaccine with the National Institute of Health, USA More from the Washington Post in the […]

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The end of an inspiring evening

BBB Business Showcase (after)

It was an uplifting evening where members and others shared their personal journey into business and their story so far. The audience gained knowledge, insight and felt motivated to take the next step. The speakers and exhibitors were courageous, authentic, inspiring and generous. Everyone left feeling uplifted. We will have members only meetings until our […]

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