10 Strategies for reducing stress and improving wellbeing


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Being hard working and successful we are constantly overwhelmed with different choices. Neither our businesses nor our lives will benefit if we are exhausted and unwell.

How do you make the right choices for your business and your life?

How do you reduce your stress levels and improve your wellbeing?

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When you thrive so will your business.
Discover strategies to be healthier, happier and be more successful.
Practise techniques that will save you time and are easy to do.
You will experience a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere that helps you take back control of your life today.

Shirley Anstis has been a counsellor for 9 years, working with adults and young people. She is also the author of the wellbeing book ‘An A-Z for your life, discovering and revealing who you are today’.
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How to set meaningful and achievable goals for 2016

A new year brings with it new opportunities. Whatever you do, change is everywhere.

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How do you identify what matters to you and set your own agenda? What motivates you in your life and how can you set goals to achieve these? How do you include personality, skills, relationships and responsibilities?

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Join careers consultant and counsellor Shirley Anstis in this holistic goal setting workshop to set the goals that matter to you – in business, in relationships, in life. What goals would you really like to achieve in 2016?

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